Gil Jung gift!


Gil Jung gift!

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Anonymous said: I always cum so hard to this blog.

I think I speak for everyone, let’s see your face when you do.

Submit yourself.


Submit yourself

Anonymous said: Noboby has sent in their orgasm face? do you want pic or video? This is a cool idea.

Video has been the best way to capture all the expressions of an orgasm. Animated gif’s work also, but photos I cannot see work unless you have been able to somehow get that perfect shot. Submit and all submissions will be review to maintain the quality of this blog and the enjoyment of its followers.

mostlycelebs said: I'm addicted to o faces

I know the feeling. :)

Anonymous said: are there only females on this site?

So far, I can take males if your wanting to post. I’m sure some ladies would love that too.

Anonymous said: I notice you misspell a word. Idk if intentionally. Masturbation. With a U, no E.

Nope spelling sucks.

epic75 said: Jst wanted to say I really love ur blog, and I've only found it jst now :-) First of its kind I've found on Tumblr, thanks for creating such an Epic blog 👍👍👍👍👍

I was thinking the same thing when I started it.